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This site is dedicated to reducing energy use by using games!

My name is Alex and I am an 9th grader at The Nueva School in Hillsborough CA. I have created an iPhone game, “Plant-a-Watt,” that gets people to consume less energy. It is based on the principle, as explained by Jane McGonigal, that people are more motivated to change their behaviors if motivated by a game (See her book, Reality is Broken and her TED talk.

“Plant-a-Watt” is similar to Farmville, but the more electricity you save in real life (based on Green Button Connect), more points you get to spend on the game. You can grow plants and you can build wind and solar power “plants.” You can compete against people to see who can save the most energy and you can collaborate to achieve a common goal. For example, you and your friends can work together to save enough energy to build a solar panel farm.

What is Plant-a-Watt? See below:

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